Company Policies

Employment Policy
  • Code Word will never discriminate against Gender, Race, Abilities / Disabilities and Sexual Orientation
  • Code Word will always employ the best person for the position no matter Gender, Race, Abilities / Disabilities and Sexual Orientation
Best Practice Policy
  • Code Word will always adhere to the methodology of the Customers Corporate Governance Policy.
  • If no Policies exist Code Word will apply the best practice methodology to suit the clients needs and expectations.
  • Some times existing methodologies do not suit a particular client, with Code Words extensive experience we will design a custom methodology and best practice to suite your needs.
Customer Relations Policy
  • Code Word still believes in the old policy of the Customer is always right.
  • Code Word is an open door company, the CEO and staff are all approachable and we NEVER hide from our customers.
  • Code Word believes that an informed Customer is a happy Customer and will always keep our Customers up to date, no matter the problem or circumstance.
  • Code Word will NEVER bill a customer without an official quotation and a ring fenced price, some development companies lock the customer in and then bill the hell out of them, we do not believe in┬ádoing business this way, you will always know how much you are going to spend, and what you are paying for and what value our work brings to your business.