General ICT Support

End User Services: Give your employees access to the hardware and software they need to improve service levels and maximise productivity.

Helpdesk Services: Benefit from our front-line support to help identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your business operations.

Onsite Support: When you need us, our friendly support technicians will be there to proactively resolve any computer or network issues to keep your business productive.

Desktop Support: For all your computer-related queries, turn to us to keep you connected at all times. Services include troubleshooting, email setup, software updates, remote support and connectivity issues.

Server Support: This service includes complete maintenance, monitoring and management solutions, including backups, upgrades and new server installations.

Remote Support: Get access to immediate, real-time support when you need a quick solution to your technical problem through our reliable remote access software.

Outsourced ICT Support: Get the advantage of ICT professionals who have the skills and resources to ensure that your ICT delivers critical business value, allowing you to better focus on your primary business.

Monitoring: Utilising powerful network monitoring tools. Set up includes integrated reporting of environmental and other conditions.

Maintenance: For the continued reliability of your network, we offer high responsiveness support and maintenance contracts that covers all aspects of the operation, administration, upgrading and repairs of your network infrastructure.

Servers & Terminals: Leading technologies from renowned hardware vendors such as Intel, HP and Dell, give us the edge over the competition when supplying and supporting our client’s server infrastructure.

Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets: In today’s technology-orientated world, we offer your business only the best in quality and performance when it comes to computing and portable devices.

Technology Support and Maintenance Services: Keep your systems running at peak performance and simplify the management of your technology environment with reliable service level agreements.

Managed Printing Solutions: Optimise and manage your print devices according to your business environment to reduces costs and maximise efficiencies.