ICT Management

Consulting: Our ICT consultants are suitably qualified to help you plan, build, expand or upgrade your network architecture to ensure that is not only secure, but also delivers optimal performance, reduces costs and mitigates risks.

Auditing: We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your network infrastructure in terms of configuration settings, devices, traffic volume and security, and deliver actionable recommendations that enhance network efficiency.

Microsoft SharePoint: Hosted by Microsoft, SharePoint is a cloud-based service that allows you to securely store, access, share and organise information on any device, from any location – introducing your business to a new way of working and working with others.

Microsoft Lync: Microsoft Lync redefines the way we communicate with others, offering users the ability to facilitate real-time online meetings and video conferencing capabilities securely from wherever there is network connectivity.

Data Backups: Rest assured that your data and critical business information is safe using dedicated cloud storage and automatic backup services, ensuring that your business keeps on going when disasters, equipment failure or theft occurs.

Disaster Recovery: Utilising the flexibility of virtual servers, cloud computing offers a simpler, more reliable method for disaster recovery to ensure the protection and retrieval of your data, applications and files with a cost-effective, managed backup solution.

Peripherals: A comprehensive range of peripherals and components and other computer accessories allow you endless ways to customise your workplace environment to suit your needs.

Software: we also specialises in the procurement, installation, licensing management and support for a wide range of software, from anti-virus to industry-specific software.

Computing Services: Leverage the power of best-in-class technologies to create a workplace environment that supports your business infrastructure.