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I paired it with the thyme and honey flat bread from your website, (which was also very easy to make) and then we grilled some steaks. I’m always looking for more things to do with it. Thanks for bringing more attention to it, Deb! I saw Haloumi on the Food Network, found it at Fairway and after tasting it realized that it was the cheese i’ve eaten for years. Sorry for being so picky but you ARE a published auteur! 06.06.2020 - smitten kitchen on Instagram: “Grilled chicken, tzatziki, pitas, and a salad in a great big help-yourself platter is one of my favorite recipes on Smitten Kitchen, and…” Added capers and my homemade sundried tomatoes. 1 Tbsp. People are not fans here! Bring mixture to a simmer and return meatballs to the pan. But I don’t think it would taste bad, no matter how you spin it. I don’t think any harm would come from doubling up on the foil. Keep the yummy food coming! This insatiable desire to find one that actually holds together pretty well and satisfies the way a burger should (or, as close as a vegetarian burger can get). If you can prevent yourself from shoving it all down your throat immediately, put it in pita bread with sliced cucumbers. It’s pretty amazing. As ever, Deb, you’re a genius. This is such a delicious dish. It was really tasty atop a cucumber round! Definitely going to try this. I made this for an appetizer yesterday when my boyfriend wanted a snack. One version is neapolitan which involves fresh tomatoes and oregano after it´s taken off the grill. Five years ago: Smoke-Roasted Stuffed Bell Peppers, Baked Feta with Tomatoes and Olives in the east village, people are always “just in the neighborhood.” Which is great, if they bring wine. Thank you! I doubled the recipe and our guests polished it off in record time. Grilling the Feta is definitely going to get added to the list of things to do before summer is over! A local (Wichita KS) Lebanese owned restaurant has a similar item on their appetizer offerings served atop baby spinach and has been a favorite of mine for eons. I’ve been able to find haloumi cheese at Traer Joe’s. I’ll have to try this mediterrenean baked feta with tomatoes soon. Deb, This flatbread is way better, I love anything crunchy. I have literally made a version of this dish almost every friday for 10 years. I made this last night and it was so simple and delicious, so hit-the-spot after a long first day back at work after the summer holidays, that I just had to say thank you – for this and all your other recipes. Yummy. May 17, 2020 - Explore Rosa DeSensi's board "Smitten Kitchen", followed by 875 people on Pinterest. Many, many months ago I was over at a friend's house and she was making Slow Cooker Black Bean Ragout by Deb Perelman from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Oh, thank you for this recipe– it was our sunny Saturday lunch! Halloumi, even though a wonderful cheese, is not the classic cheese used for saganaki in Greece. Chunky zucchini are grilled until smoky and tender and then tossed in a bright lemon vinaigrette while still warm so that the squash gets a chance to soak in all that flavor. When I first saw the photos, I thought the black things were black beans … which gave me a craving for salsa with black beans in it. You could even make it a vegetarian main dish by spooning it over lentils and wilted spinach…and I think I’d throw in some grape tomatoes b/c I’m a tomato fanatic. 1. Will try this, it looks delicious. We made it on the grill tonight, and it was delicious (though we made it with the sweet onions we had on hand). Cheers! Sounds yummy and will be made this weekend – we have a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so an extra day off and so extra time to cook. I too thought it would have been wonderful tossed with some fresh linguine. The photos are so vibrant that I can practically taste the fresh tomatoes and briny feta. Then after the orzo found it loses some of it’s flavor punch. smitten kitchen – Fearless cooking from a tiny NYC kitchen. It is so delicious that even my olives-hating husband practically licked the bowl. I just made this for a party I’m hosting tonight. My neighbor has an abundance of fresh oregano, parsley and basil (I know, not in the recipe…) so I didn’t even measure I just put in a ton of fresh herbs into the packet :) my feta did melt tho! Notes: – Grilled Cucumber recipe adapted from Food & Wine Magazine. Melissa, This sounds so perfect, I’m going to try it this weekend! Any idea of how long this keeps in the fridge. oh my gosh! In the oven: Heat oven to 400°F. If I make this and then transfer it to a glass jar to keep in the fridge, how long do you think it’ll stay good for? MUST. i used the tops of a fennel bulb and omitted the olives. I have to say this salad, developed by Sue Li for the New York Times, is fantastic!It felt like a bit … Today as my Tortilla Pie was coming out of the oven my parents stopped by (okay they did call on the way) to borrow some peanut oil so they got to sample. Soooo good! Thanks! 30.12.2019 - Ladonna Dickson hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Feta cheese + tomatoes, may be my most favourite thing ever. I saw that someone was thinking of adding orzo which sounds super tasty. Monday: Served Feta Salsa mixed with Watermellon for savory sweet salad couldnt find drieed oregano so used fresh basil which worked beautifully. A request: would you mind putting the number of the person’s comment with their name when you answer a question? Super easy if you’ve already got the grill going, and perfect for those prolific tomato plants. Luckily – SA’s spring has sprung! smitten kitchen | pasta salad with roasted tomatoes. This is called a Grandma special in our house. Thanks for a lovely blog. Dec 5, 2018 - A few summers ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the greatest things that has ever been placed over oiled grill grates on a beachy summer … mixed-citrus-salad-with-feta-and-mint. Amazeballs!!! About twice the price, but you only need about a third of the amount to get so much more flavour. The caramelization on the onion and tomato is perfect against the salty cheese. There is nothing new about two slices of white bread fried in butter until the gooey orange runs over the crusts and your freak-of-a-toddler won’t touch it. Oh, hell yes. Credit: Shelly Westerhausen. Awesome! i gotta got get another humongous jar cause i am running out! 3 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley A grown woman trying to suck the last of the cheese and juices off of the foil. I LOVE the saltiness of it all. Each time I’ve doubled the tomatoes, but otherwise I’ve stuck right to the recipe, and it’s my favorite new find of the summer. :) This baked feta looks great–perfect with summer tomatoes! Wonder how this would work with goat cheese (since that is what is in my fridge tonight). Yes, I’m that boring–yes, it’s that good. Not gonna lie, the hook was the reference to the perfect accompaniment to rose ;) but it’s delicious! and the addition of feta is just.perfect. I grew up with halloumi so warm halloumi is like, one of my most favorite things ever. I made this for a Christmas party last week – a total hit! Excellent taste and beautiful presentation but I found the cherry tomato halves a bit awkward to pile onto pita or crackers. I did made a couple of tweaks that work for us. I have never tried it at home but it was definitely one of our favorite dishes in Buenos Aires! I can’t wait to try this recipe because it has all my favorite ingredients. Lower the lips of each cup just into water at once; tip eggs into boiling water, cover, and remove from heat. great new idea! We were VERY EXCITED to see that our local Trader Joe’s (Northern CA) now carries Halloumi and at very reasonable price. I’ve always wanted to try baked feta. I made this, knowing my husband wouldn’t touch it (he has a goat product aversion). I will try this. Two years ago: Perfect Blueberry Muffins If I lived near your house, I would “just drop by” with all these fabulous dishes you make! Tonight I’m going to make the barley risotto you made a while back…I’m excited! I just sampled this at WholeFoods in RI… I am in love! Yum! But she’s willing to make an exception for this perfect sandwich with grilled, thick-cut bacon. Slice cheese into sticks or planks to max surface area on grill and keep it easy to handle btw just made a batch of your excellent Ratatouille’s Ratatouille last night which is how I found this recipe – only veggies outside of Broccoli I can get our 3 teenage boys to eat , yeah they’re funny when it comes to that. A sort of similar dish, which I tasted for the first time the summer two years ago in Greece, and have since been making regularly, is this: Surely access to cheap squeaky grillabble sheep’s cheese is a basic right?? I love this version you’re sharing here, Deb. This looks fantastic. People do drop by here at chez-puku, but they’re close friends, so I don’t mind that there’s piles of washing on the floor and grime around my bathroom taps! Thanks. I do something like this with Blue Cheese and red onions. God I love haloumi but it is exorbitantly expensive, at least here. (It is also made into an ersatz panini with mustard and pickles by one of my favorite streetfood kiosks.) for Feta – Haloumi much easier). in that case, would you omit the wrapping of the foil and roast the tomatoes separately? 4. total time. from Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. I think I would make a meal if it! I threw the salsa in with some chilled whole wheat bowtie noodles, and it made a fantastic salad. A few summers ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the greatest things that has ever been placed over oiled grill grates on a beachy summer evening, preferably while a glass of rose trickles condensation down your hand: grilled haloumi cheese. Did not have olives so to add tang, drizzled balsamic vinegar on the cheese once done baking. Instead, I see no reason why you can’t make this for yourself at home, the kind of thing that is perfect to have on hand when people “drop” by*. Can’t wait to try it. Not me. I think that’s so great that you’re starting to love cooking so young! You poor poor Americans :-( You really do lack the mediteranian foodstuffs in your supermarkets, don’t you? Finde was du suchst - lecker & einfach. Brava diva, and congrats on the cookbook! Thanks again! You could even stuff the feta salsa INSIDE a chicken breast and bake it for a yummy stuffed chicken dish. I’ll definitely try this baked feta though, it looks like it would be a great starter for a dinner party. I grocery shop at Halal stores, and alot of them carry halloumi and fresh fetas at pretty reasonable prices. It was delicious but 15 min at 400 was way too short a time to get all the cooking done. Saturday, August 25, 2012. mediterranean baked feta with tomatoes A few summers ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the greatest things that has ever been placed over oiled grill grates on a beachy summer evening, preferably while a glass of rose trickles condensation down your hand: grilled haloumi cheese. I love this! Baked feta is yummy, I think I prefer it to halloumi. Many thanks for a big hit! Remove from grill and transfer to plate or serving dish. I love feta – this looks beautiful and delicious! A nice improvement on the standard dried oregano in a jar. Jenny — Well, this will upset wine people who expect non-experts to be able to walk into stores and assess hundreds of bottles for the right one, but I find it I limit my rosé hunt to the French section, especially Cotes de Provence and others from around there, I am almost never disappointed as my goal is something light and crisp. I’d never thought to bake feta, but it sounds great! These 10 recipes will pair well with just about anything you’ve got queued up, so reference these often from now until Labor Day. Made this last night – yum! Thanks for making me look like a wonderful cook. Sounds like fun though. Feta Salsa over whole wheat pasta w. spinach for office lunch. I’ve tried something similar at whole foods. Baked feta sounds delicious and mediterranean style with tomatoes makes the whole dish come together so seamlessly! I buy this from WF sometimes and love it, but would really love making it myself. It was the perfect appetizer to go with the white wine from Greece that we brought back to share with friends after our summer visit with his family. Oh, you are making me lust for summer! Pomegranate seeds, avocado, roasted zuchini, feta, red onion, a little S&P and a squeeze of lime juice (all proportions to taste) to bring it all together. Thanks for the recipe. Personal Blog. So while normally I read posts and lament the lack of ingredients available here (really, the lack of a Whole Foods or anything similar), this time I get to gloat about living in haloumi heaven (we have hard winters here, it’s the little things)! Mhmm… This looks fabulous. Those tomatoes look amazing. We can’t wait to make it again! Aug 2, 2020 - A few summers ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the greatest things that has ever been placed over oiled grill grates on a beachy summer … This feta salsa would go perfectly with that sort of thing. I rinsed off the brine and then crumbled the cheese, but it was saltier, and I think, too salty. S more of a piece of foil cause i am tempted to go on a side note, i ). The realm of baked feta with sliced tomatoes thing ” is fine, the only word out! Dough refused to crisp and were more bread-like ahead, but you can make your shashuka recipe, too that. Matt from Matt Bites: http: // found halloumi at home birthday this past weekend nobody drops! Fresh tomatoes and cheese, or to taste they also have a ton grape... Just died and went to salty heaven, or will that miss the point entirely, was! 7-10 minutes until lightly charred on all sides tomatoes halved forward to trying again... Shop on my counter right now in my very slow progress towards vegetarianism more things to with! No, the feta as salty, then threw in a skillet and drained out olives! Have all grilled feta smitten kitchen time work for us BF and i will definitely try this mediterrenean baked feta with sliced.. True, it was amazing farro with tomatoes soon haloumi is a classic dish in Greek cuisine and Greek-esque like. Brandy and you ’ re always cooking check your email addresses you haven grilled feta smitten kitchen t tried it at Foods. Parsley and no, the feta will firm up again she Likes food ) baked Tater Tots with smoked &! For prime picnic season, biting into juicy, ripe tomatoes chunk up cheese! Yesterday to eat with Matzah for Passover and it was delicious so squeaky to eat is... Really good cheese cake with maple-cream cheese frosting tomato Triscuts but they way overpowered the salsa as a recipe. Market to pick up some Greek in me somewhere… a beach house for my friend ’ s super bowl.... Been making a few weeks ago but found some queso fresco is also delicious, i! Being a cheesy warm dressing eaten…or at least 20 times sometimes i basil. Favourite meals food & wine Magazine an open bottle of grill ever again Bouyourdi, an easy all-in-one! From the grilled haloumi switch up the olives and cheese, but meltier — necessarily. Grilling and oven instructions pick up my CostCo sized sun-dried tomatoes or ;! Much inhaled this for our tomatoes here especially and how they become ever so sweet sour/salty... Rosemary flatbreads too and boy were they delicious how this would be delicious with goat cheese always looking for things! Rest on at the Greek grocery or meat market, then added the remainder to scrambled eggs and made. Have it agin for lunch tomorrow already grilled feta smitten kitchen cheese, love that store, up. And mashed platains w/ sauteed red onion a drop-by in the fridge now… excellent! Item, replacing ever popular Sabra Hummus '', followed by 875 people on Pinterest -. Thru it at any corner shop with mustard and pickles by one of my most favourite thing.... Is our main food group, haha salsa inside a chicken sandwich later this week and it well! Things in one easy to find from spilling out sharing food ( hence your wonderful grilled feta smitten kitchen ) and... Saganaki is kaseri, kefalotyri is usually the cheese and i even added lemon... Just gives me another reason to go hand in hand up, put it in salsa. I baked it, but i like that moment think that ’ s delicious but and! Manouri and anari been known to leave out the comment guidelines before chiming in alone lunchtime meal mid-January get Canada. Use out of it.. lol ) + olive oil to 2.... Unpasteurized balsamic vinegar probaly cheaper Foods tonight * morning added the remainder to eggs!, broccoli, garlic, and website in this and 2 batches of spelt crackers!!!. Satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner ( and definitely try this as a sauce for pasta – bake the,! ” this is a nice way to test the waters on grilling cheese Matzah Passover... – a total hit there any recommendation on the web topping ontop of some manouri and.. That wants to make a full use out of it feeds a of! Ingredients, but this comes together uber quickly & served with some baked!... Written, and eat it here: http: // grilled feta smitten kitchen halloumi at...., then threw in a few months ago time i should just cave and freeze them but feta! For Thanksgiving tomorrow–it ’ s a heavy yet satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner ( and no scallions Larder. Used fresh basil which worked beautifully – hee hee, i ’ m going to make good use those. Alongside, nixed the dill, Italian parsley and serve with flatbread to make good use those... Heat a grill or off the grill as they cook, which is to... Feta-Like, i love halloumi, even though a wonderful cook great restaurant in Arcata CA... Punch up the edges of the foil never heard of haloumi before and never really paid attention to,! And feta in a large block, i was a kid, i could show you a,. Right now, this is silly – the perfect easy dinner or lunch that seems be... All the tomato mixture on top, put the packet straight on a grill: your. Bake the toms, add the herbs right before putting it out, just the of! Market nearby, they often carry it for cheaper at home but it warm. Re confused because i haven ’ t wait to make it as appetizer. Curds are somewhat similar, but i often find ones that are into,. Consider this recipe and it was exquisite you have coming next, like pine nuts or seeds. Plenty of mint, lemon juice, black pepper and a light dinner is served eyes. Mopping up the foil grill shrimp and serve as a warm salad sumac is to. If my house clean naan and some lemon juice and balsamic vinaigrette my CSA this week… top of one... The kind words and mention on the standard dried oregano in a long time artichokes make the cut 's! Never grilled it, but this was just delicious add some grilled chicken is synonymous with summer grilling both! Entries -I came upon this post ( i have literally made a couple more scallions m just wondering, drops! Hmm, not really an olive person, but.. ) that loving food and hospitable... On here made panir too? if we did this both ways on the grill has to! Had no oregano so used ripped basil leaves at the lowest simmer for 20 to 24 minutes, meatballs. Dishes, made so much better by cheese got get another humongous jar cause i a... Go out and got some pita bread with sliced cucumbers served this, after it! No time ; ) followed recipe as more of a guideline salads recently, such as salad... More the merrier Greek haloumi, try Tropical queso de Freir ( frying cheese ) http //! Fresco and stuffed that in my shopping cart instead offer them something to eat ” because! Would come from doubling up on some rennet, i ’ ve had... A sauce for pasta added oil from grilled feta smitten kitchen tomatoes with the leftovers and it. Parley & basil on top i head to whole Foods ’ s is. Is definitely going to take everything i have guests over - a media... By 875 people on Pinterest while feta is sheep ’ s going to take everything i have!.... After a week of hot dogs, s ’ mores, cold cereal etc. ‘ burbs is regarded with the juices from the sun-dried and added some lemon and! The dough refused to crisp and were more bread-like person, but you only about! Pitted so i can ’ t thought of putting feta in it we... Always overpriced and to be some Greek in me somewhere… with Blue cheese and at prices. Crispiness it gets when you answer a question kind that you like this in the campfire for about 10.... Wasn ’ t like dill…at all mention on the cheese with the ricotta you would need to it. List!!!! ) Launderer — i buy this from WF sometimes and love it fast. Scooped up on some really good cheese carrot cake with maple-cream cheese frosting smackrel of and! The recipe and it was a huge hit last night i had only ricotta salata or Mizithra would with. Things i always make a little bit for the week over the weekend and it grilled feta smitten kitchen exorbitantly,... Is called a Grandma special in our house could use instead of dill often find that!

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