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| Updated August 10, 2019, Tried and True Classics of any Perennial Flower Garden, The Prettiest Plants for Fall and Winter Blooms. Pair this one with a soft yellow such as Coreopsis 'Moonlight', Agastache 'Summer Glow' , or 'Lemonade' Lantana. If you have room, add a taller brighter Coleus such as 'Pineapple Splash', which has yellow leaves and crimson veins, or 'Splish Splash’, which has burgundy leaves and yellow blotches. 'Garnet' would be a great front row plant in an all pink border. Plains coreopsis, also known as golden tickseed, is in attractive bi-color variety that can grow as tall as 36 inches. Or try with a solid lime-green Coleus. mound covered with watermelon-pink flowers. Many varieties self-sow throughout the garden but some cultivars are sterile. Proven Winners - Uptick™ Yellow & Red - Tickseed - Coreopsis hybrid red yellow sunny yellow with red centers plant details, information and resources. Plant it in normal, sandy or clay soil. And now there's a Coreopsis to go with every color scheme, from pumpkin orange and vivid pink, some with chartreuse foliage. Pair with a pale yellow-flowered Coreopsis such as 'Moonlight' or 'Moonbeam' and a brown carex such as 'Toffee Twist.'. Blooms all summer, continuing until frost if lightly sheared. Sku #40854. A lake for everyone, confessions of a pool crasher, and the BBQ king of California. This compact variety works well in containers or along a garden path or walkway where you can enjoy the flowers up close. Choose from a variety of colours ranging from bright yellow to orange and maroon. ‘Cherry Lemonade’ Coreopsis: The golden feathery foliage of ‘Cherry Lemonade’ is topped with vivid orangey-red flowers. Li'l Bang Red Elf. Tidy, mounded habit is easier to ship and shows better at retail. Root damage during transplantation will stimulate the plant to flower prematurely so care must be taken. It’s also suitable for mixed planting and perennial borders. Variety or Cultivar 'Ruby Red' _ 'Ruby Red' is a bushy, clump- or mound-forming, herbaceous perennial with pinnate leaves divided into linear, mid-green leaflets and loose clusters of red to reddish-pink flower-heads in summer. Taller growing varieties may need some support. This ground-hugging variety (5 in. of Sunset Publishing Corporation. Coreopsis 'Ruby Mist' Another outstanding specimen, and one of the more unusual Coreopsis varieties. Or a dwarf white coneflower (Echinacea) such as 'Little Angel.'. The flowers glow from red to a deep crimson and encircle a … Coreopsis Red Elf - Common name:Threadleaf Coreopsis, Tickseed - Magenta-red silky petals magically frost with white during the hottest part of season then return to velvety red when weather cools. This scrumptious coreopsis grows in a compact mound (12 in. It is generally considered to be hardy and in some areas of North America can be treated as a biennial and directly sown in Autumn for a spring flowering … Tickweed. Coreopsis is valuable for the middle or front of the border and is an ideal addition to dry-soil gardens. garden, as the beautiful, brightly colored plants (also known as tickseed) are Dyer’s Coreopsis is prone to slug and snail attack so is best sown into seed modules (two or three seeds per module) in April and planted out in May with organically approved slug pellets. The Coreopsis foliage varies across varieties, from large and low-growing leaves to mounds of narrow, finely-textured leaves. Compact, Clump-forming, Bushy. It can overwinter in mild climates, but in cold climates, treat it as an annual and replant in spring. For a striking contrast, pair with lavender or blue flowers such as Salvia 'May Night' or 'East Friesland' or a small Agastache such as 'Summer Sky' or licorice mint (A. rupestris). to 48 in. is blanketed in bright clear yellow flowers. This variety can overwinter in mild climates, but treat as an annual in cold climates. Foliage. We love them in borders and wild meadow gardens for a touch of natural beauty. Coreopsis grandiflora won't quit, despite heat or lack of water. This is another annual variety; it can overwinter in mild climates, but replant in spring in cooler areas. Flowers are borne from late spring right through to autumn. and an estimated 33 coreopsis cultivars hale from the United States. This provides food for wildlife over the winter. These days, there are more varieties than ever—and not just yellow and red ones. Coreopsis Coreopsis. x 14 in.) by 18 in.) This coreopsis can overwinter in mild climates as a perennial, but in cold climates, you'll want to replant in spring. Coreopsis hybrid 'Red Satin' Plant Patent #25,736. This lovely variety grows in a compact (12 in. Habit. A few of the popular ones are discussed below. SUNSET is a registered trademark Coreopsis tinctoria or Golden tickseed or Plains coreopsis. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. Coreopsis is a group of plants we love for its ease of use in so many garden settings. The bicolored flowers of Red Chiffon Coreopsis begin to show themselves in midsummer, with the color growing in intensity to cover most of the surface area when temperatures are cooler. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Fall in Love With These Gorgeous Coreopsis Varieties, – In Autumn, the flowers are red completely. These plants range from 46–120 cm (18–47 in) in height. by 16 in.) Copyright © 2020 Sunset Publishing Corporation. Pair with lavender-blue ground morning glory (Convolvulus) or a small blue salvia such as 'May Knight.' These native colormakers range from the familiar sunny yellow variety to a host of eye-catching bicolors. Golden centre like most varieties adds a little contrast. June 15, 2010 Pair with wine-leafed, yellow-flowered Oxalis 'Zinfandel' or a small dark-leafed Coleus such as 'Cherry Cordial'. Click ahead for our favorites. x 14 in.) The bright yellow center really pops against the deep-colored petals. Approximately 10 varieties of coreopsis are native to North and South America, Classic white sweet alyssum, 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia, and white Verbena, for instance. Li'l Bang™ Red Elf Coreopsis Coreopsis hybrid 'Red Elf' Plant Patent #27,918. of chartreuse foliage and hot pink flowers. Hardy and very floriferous, Coreopsis 'Red Satin' is a vigorous perennial forming a tight clump of deep green, threadleaf foliage. This Coreopsis variety grows in a (5 in. Perfect for perennial or cutting garden. Coreopsis verticillata 'Ruby Red' bloeit bruinrood. Adored by butterflies yet left alone by deer. All Rights Reserved. x 18 in.) of bright gold foliage topped with red-orange flowers. covered with dark rosy-pink flowers. Twinklebells® Red is excellent as a solitary on your terrace or patio. favorite varieties of coreopsis: Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. The West’s go-to summer flower stuns in vivid tropical pinks, pumpkin orange, and gold. in height (15-120 cm), depending on the varieties. You might think your Tall Red Plains Coreopsis grows like a weed due to its rapid maturation! This series from Darwin Perennials boasts larger flowers and a longer blooming performance that will impress in the garden centers and landscapes alike. by 20 in.) It’s great to have several coreopsis plant varieties in your For a softer look, combine with a trailing soft pink, such as 'Rosie O'Day' sweet alyssum. For the best selection, order from catalogs or start your plants from seed. The varieties which we grow are fully hardy and free flowering. This perennial can overwinter in climates without hard frost (0 to -10 degrees). Wildlife, Beds and borders, Cottage/Informal, Flower Arranging. This stunner is also more disease resistant and drought tolerant than other members of the coreopsis family. Red in Summer; Red in Autumn. mound covered with golden flowers with showy dark-red eyes. Deep wine-red flowers top sturdy stems with fine threadleaf foliage. The flowers discolour step by step when aging. Grower Information: Easy-to-finish series has bigger flowers and longer blooming for more color at retail and in the garden.. x 14 in.) View our cookie policy to learn more. Bij strenge vorst is het goed om voor een winterdekking te zorgen. Another outstanding specimen, and one of the more unusual Coreopsis varieties. The flowers bloom early and flower continuously all summer long. Coreopsis verticillata 'Ruby Red' is: Deciduous. Many of the newer varieties are still be tested for hardiness and their ratings may change. There are many types of coreopsis, Just plant and enjoy. The flower center usually has contrast or brighter shades than its petals. Keeps its shape – and color – in the landscape all Summer long. Under certain growing conditions, most varieties of coreopsis can reach up the height of 10-18 inches tall while spreading for 12-24 inches. A common name for Coreopsis is Tickseed. Different varieties bloom at different times, ... ‘Red Elf’ Coreopsis Seeds. From early summer through late summer, it produces masses of large, satiny, wine red to ruby red flowers, 1.5 in. One of the most adorable Coreopsis varieties we've ever seen, 'Little Penny' is a low (8 in. Picture it backed by pink coneflowers (Echinacea), Sedum 'Autumn Joy', and Agastache 'Raspberry Summer', for instance. Here are nine newer varieties to try. Coreopsis Perennial Colors. Types of Coreopsis Plants . 'Ruby Mist' has striking red and white rays, and grows to more than 2 feet tall. 'Ruby Mist' has striking red and white rays, and grows to more than 2 feet tall. Here are some of the prettiest Coreopsis varieties we’ve ever seen, waiting to join your garden. AddThis. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil, preferably in sun. Pair with red-orange Echinacea such as 'Tomato Soup' or 'Hot Lava' to add to the heat. Some types of coreopsis are annual, but many coreopsis Plains Coreopsis Seeds. This darling variety forms a compact mound (8 in. has flowers the color of golden pumpkins. This cute and very low ground cover (5 in. Coreopsis are spectacular perennial plants which originate from the prairies of north and central America. Deep wine red to ruby red flowers with an orange center measure about 1½” across and completely cover the deep green, threadleaf foliage. With its willowy stems and sunshiny blooms, tickseed (Coreopsis verticillata) is a common sight in Western gardens. Mid-green in … This is another annual variety; it can overwinter in milder climates. Flower. Although the Tall Red Plains Coreopsis cannot tolerate heat and humidity, it thrives in soils of differing qualities and contents. Growing Coreopsis: How To Care For Coreopsis Flowers, Pumpkin Varieties For Eating: Best Types Of Pumpkins For Cooking, Mango Tree Not Producing: How To Get Mango Fruit, Living Wall Kit Info – How To Grow A Living Wall Kit, Holiday Plant History – Why Do We Have Christmas Plants, What’s Wrong With My Clivia: Diagnosing Problems With Clivia Plants, DIY Seeder Ideas: Tips For Making A Seed Planter, Are All Nematodes Bad – A Guide To Harmful Nematodes, Horse Chestnut Bonsai Plants – Can You Grow A Horse Chestnut Bonsai Tree, Drones And Gardening: Information On Using Drones In The Garden, Handmade Ornaments – Holiday Ornaments Crafted From Nature, Garden Sanctuary: Using The Garden To Help Make A Difference, Growing Herbs Is Easy: Making And Gifting Herb Gardens, Pea Patch Volunteering: Community Gardens Keep Giving. Many gardeners do not cut back perennial flower seed heads in the fall, but wait until early spring before the new foliage appears. It can overwinter in mild climates, or treat asa an annual in cold climates. Coreopsis UPTICK™ Yellow & Red ('Baluptowed' PP28865) UPTICK™ Series. Suggested uses. butterflies throughout the season. Coreopsis Red Shift starts flowering in June, having yellow flowers with a red edge. There are many varieties of Coreopsis plants. It is a hybrid species having coral-red flowers in the blooming season which is summer and fall. easy to get along with, producing long-lasting blooms that attract bees and Making its debut as the first member of a new series of threadleaf Coreopsis is this brand new red flowered selection from master hybridizer Darrell Probst. Dependably perennial, these are tough plants that tolerate dry, hot weather and deliver long-lasting blooms. This perennial variety can overwinters in climates without hard frost (0 to -10 degrees). Coreopsis ‘Desert Coral’ This cultivar is a dwarf perennial and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Additional 2-3 varieties of the Big Bang Series will be introduced in 2009, as well as a new variegated Coreopsis … by 20 in.) Twinklebells® Red is disease tolerant, survives winters to -8 °C and is very easy to maintain. Taller growing than ‘Limerock Ruby’, Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Sweet Dreams’ with its whit tipped raspberry red petals will reach nearly 70cm in height. mounding plant covered with tons of small, copper-colored flowers. Use 'Citrine' as an edger in any border with a warm color scheme. Another option: A dark-hued, non-patterned Coleus such as 'Dark Star.'. This perennial can overwinter in milder climates, or treat as an annual in colder climates. You can find a handful of coreopsis varieties for sale as plants. My Account; My Basket (0) Search. For a strong contrast, pair with a dark blue Lobelia such as 'Crystal Palace.' Coreopsis Varieties. available in shades of gold or yellow, as well as orange, pink and red. With their bright and cheery little blossoms, coreopsis can be great companion plants to ornamental grasses and other tough annuals and perennials, especially in containers. A superior selection with great tolerance to sun, heat, humidity and poor soil. Especially in the realm of tender perennial and annual coreopsis, there are now so many different colors and patterns to choose from. Common names include calliopsis and tickseed, a name shared with various other plants. Hot pink Coreopsis looks good with sweet alyssum and Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost', or chartreuse 'Margarita' sweet potato vine. Add a dash of sunshine to your garden with this cheerful, long-flowering perennial. Coreopsis 'Mango Punch' is another tried and true favorite perennial flower for Western gardens. Common Name: Tickseed. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! This variety gets its name from its yellow leaves; it  forms a compact mound (8 in. Or, if growing as an annual, make it the first row in an all-coreopsis scheme, backed by 'Rum Punch' and 'Autumn Blush'. This sturdy variety grows as a perennial — it overwinters in climates without hard frosts (0 to -10 degrees). To make the most of that bright pink, pair with clear white flowers. Sign up for our newsletter. Long flowering and with the tall growth habit the flowers will move gently in the wind.

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