Overflow Development Services

Specifically catering for Software Development houses that do not have the resources to take on more business:

Technology is evolving every day and businesses are changing right along with it, meaning the demand for top-notch software developers is as high as it’s ever been. With companies becoming more and more specialised, having enough in-house team of tech gurus isn’t always possible or practical when managing new business or increasing business volumes.

If you’re considering sub-contracting but aren’t sure if it’s a good fit for your company, there are several benefits you may not be aware of. That’s why our experts have put together this guide on why you should outsource or sub-contract your development contracts.

1. Reduce Costs in Salaries and Infrastructure

One huge benefit to outsourcing or sub-contracting your development team is the reduction in costs, in both salaries and infrastructure. An outsourced development company already has staff in place, as well as their own office and hardware. You’ll also save money because you won’t need to train anyone or spend time getting them acquainted with your company and its processes.

Another unique cost-saving benefit to outsourcing your development team is cost based on location. A mid-range developer outside of the US or Europe can cost a fraction of the price when contracting Code Word which is based in South Africa, where the Rand to Pound, or Rand to Dollar reduces your overall rate / hour, whereby you still make profit on sub-contracting / outsourcing your projects.

2. Get Products to Market Faster

While it may not have always been the case, nowadays software development companies may not have the tools and manpower to see a development project all the way through from beginning to end. New technology is emerging every day, and development companies understand the importance of evolving just as quickly. Code Word has been setup to be agile and quick, while not compromising quality in order to meet their customers’ exact needs and goals within an established timeframe. The scale-up and scale-down of the team members can be quicker based on the development and release plan for the project.

3. Access to Experience and Expertise

One critical reason to consider sub-contracting to a development company is the unique opportunity it provides. It allows you access to experience and expertise. Depending on your project, you can find a software development company that specialises in your specific industry or has experience developing projects similar to yours. You can examine our history, see how happy previous customers are with their experience and finished products, and see the kinds of skills the company brings to the table before signing on the dotted line for a big project. You can also start with a small project and see how effectively the process is managed.

4. Easier Recruiting and Delegating

A fantastic benefit that sub-contracting or outsourcing offers is the ability to easily recruit and delegate. Unlike hiring additional internal team members, your pool of resources isn’t limited to programmers within driving distance or the standard set of working hours.

5. Spend More Time on Developing and Growing Your Business

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a software development company to have a high-level app or to have a customized website. Anything you could dream of for your company can be created by outsourcing. That allows you to spend less time on technical aspects of the project about which you may not be an expert, and lets you focus on what you and your company do best.

6. Share the Responsibility

Risk management is a crucial component to undertaking any major project. An advantage of sub-contracting / outsourcing is that you get to share the responsibility—and risk—with the Code Word. Looking at the relationship as a partnership, instead of the traditional client/seller dynamic, means that the success of the project is not solely on your shoulders. Code Word want you and your project to be successful because that’s a reflection of us, as well. The key to ensuring success is clear communication from the beginning on what you want and what we can deliver.

7. Auto-Scale Your IT Team

Your business may not need the same resources all the time. Depending on the size of your project, it might not make sense to hire an in-house team to complete it. If your company has less than ten employees but you have a website that needs a complete redesign, you simply don’t have the resources, time, or man-power to take on a project of that size. On the other hand, what if your company employs nearly 500 people but you only need assistance with a small project outside of your company’s expertise? Luckily, hiring a software development company like Code Word  is the perfect solution to both of these scenarios. No matter how big or small your company or project is, outsourcing provides the best opportunity.