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Trackimo, the best selling safety and location product available

Security through Innovation

Pre-Order Special – R1965.00 per unit – Save R196.00- Estimated time to delivery +- 21 days from payment


Our Panic Button Solution has GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE, GSM, LTE and Narrowband IOT connectivity (including a powerful mobile application) along with the following features:

  • Smart Alert: Receive/send alerts via text, email, (and app notifications) for emergency events, safety zone breaches, speed thresholds (and sudden movement for the elderly or infirmed, e.g. if they fall).
  • Worldwide Coverage: Our devices can be tracked via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM cellular reception exists.
  • Panic Button: With one press of the SOS button, the location will be broadcast via app notification, email, or text to predetermined contacts.
  • Zero Monthly Service Cost or Subscription: All costs are covered when purchasing the hardware.
  • Real Time Tracking: GPS and GSM connectivity provides instant & highly accurate current location and history.
  • Geofencing/Safety-zone Alerts: Set the zones/fences and be alerted if your child/loved one leaves the predefined area.
  • Smallest Dimensions of any GPS Independent Panic Button available: