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Rogaine used as a topical treatment for hair loss, which was first approved by the FDA in 1998 for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in men.. Three years later it received approval for women’s use, and four years after that it became available as an over-the-counter treatment. Although Rogaine, available since 1988, has been reported to cause some hair growth on the forehead and tops of the ears, there have been no studies confirming that beards … The Food and Drug Administration approved Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine) on 1/20/2006 to treat hair loss. There is the possibility that the texture of Rogaine changes whilst in transit, though in my opinion it’s more likely to just be the difference in ingredients that makes the difference. Apply a small amount of the minoxidil solution to your beard. Minoxidil is FDA-approved for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia,” says Marisa Garshick, MD, FAAD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology, NYP-Cornell. Well maybe not forever, but for as long as you want to keep your hair. And what role might ethnicity play, with differences in hair types? “Ultimately, hair growth (and loss) are genetically determined, so those who don’t have many active hair follicles after puberty are less likely to respond to minoxidil or other stimulators,” says Dr. Dhingra. 48 men, between the ages of 20 to 60 were told to either apply a placebo or 3% minoxidil cream for beard growth twice daily for 16 weeks (four months). Indeed, using Minoxidil for beard growth is the most likely method in actually growing facial hair - and a significant amount. Tens of thousands have embarked into the Minoxidil Beard Growth journey and have had massive success with it. The results can lead to a, well, hairy situation. Rogaine works. Such is the case with Minoxidil shampoo. Whether you’re aiming for a full beard, goatee or chin strap, consider the pros and cons of minoxidil for your individual case. Just because it has not been FDA approved for facial use (eg has not been tested) does not mean that it is ineffective or dangerous. 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For years now, men have been using minoxidil (widely known as Rogaine) on their faces to help promote beard growth. 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Use Men's ROGAINE ® Solution as soon as you notice your hair thinning to enjoy fuller, thicker, younger-looking hair. While you’re lathering up, keep in mind that minoxidil was originally developed to treat high blood pressure and while unlikely, you may feel those side effects in your body. For men who want to grow a beard, the use of Minoxidil can offer a great advantage to them. So using it on the beard is technically an off-label use. A full attempt at growing a full beard takes time. Rogaine also has some noted side effects. Ask a doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to use this medicine if you have other medical conditions, especially: heart disease. A study of … There's a problem loading this menu right now. Basically, the only thing you really need here is patience. Men's ROGAINE ® 5% Minoxidil Solution. Many men are reaping the benefits of Rogaine treatment and are sporting better and thicker beards. Minoxidil, also known in the U.S. by its branded name, Rogaine, is in some cases able to stimulate hair growth and counteract male pattern baldness at the scalp. Hair follicles are responsible for all types of hair growth including beards. Men who have sensitive skin, and those generally prone to breakouts, will want to consider that minoxidil may cause skin irritation or worsen existing irritation. It is designed for men, and there is a warning that declares that it is not to be used by women. Arash Mostaghimi, MD, MPH, Director, Inpatient Dermatology, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Instructor, Harvard Medical School, adds, “This is not true folliculitis but a mimicker.”. It can support their beard growth journey, helping produce only the best results. This comes under the name “Equate” and is a 5% topical foam product. So you've heard about Minoxidil 5%, or "Rogaine", being effective for beard growth. After a bit of research (here and elsewhere), I've decided to give Rogaine a try for beard growth. However, men, who have a problem with hair growth on their head, often suffer from the same on their faces. How to Do Mindfulness if You Find it Excruciating. Hair follicles then have more access to nutrients, allowing longer, thicker and healthier hair, by extending the growth phase,” says Dr. Lela Lankerani, Westlake Dermatology, Austin. Rogaine was originally used to lower blood pressure. But minoxidil is among the products that may enhance beard growth, and scientific data shows that the 5% solution is effective for use on beards. Seriously, for many men and women it has been a miracle. The active form of the minoxidil molecule is minoxidil sulfate, which occurs as a result of metabolism by sulfotranferase in the scalp.Continuing analysis is being done to determine whether the mechanism is due to the molecule’s vasodilatory effect – increasing blood flow in the capillaries which supply hair follicles.Testing has shown that around 40% of men experience regrowth of hair after between three and six months of a… Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Rogaine.. For the Consumer. 15 Dumbbell Exercises for Growing Bigger Biceps. There are necessary planning elements when starting a minoxidil regimen, but since we’re up against genetics, there isn’t a specific timeframe for when you’ll begin to experience results—if you see results at all. There are many pros and cons to using this product. To close this gap, such men seek out minoxidil A … CAN I USE MONOXIDIL / ROGAINE ON MY FACE FOR BEARD GROWTH? Men's Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical … For beard growth, we also recommend trying Beard Grow XL because of the great success rate among the users. Check out Rogaine For Men if you think your beard hasn’t reached its full potential. Enter: Reddit rabbit holes, minoxidil and off-label experimentation. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at Applying minoxidil Foam Wash your face and pat dry before application Run your hands under cold water right before application Dispense foam onto your palms after running under cold water Only dispense about 1 ml of foam to start Apply the foam to any patches and bald spots around your beard… Rogaine is available to both men and women experiencing ‘androgenic hair loss,’ which is a form of hair loss that arises as a result of the body producing too much DHT. Ideal for use at the early stages of hair thinning, this fast-working hair regrowth treatment is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 12 weeks. Easy to use: Use the included dropper to apply minoxidil formula to scalp areas with thinning hair. So, as a Black man with curly, thick hair, what results can I, and men like me, expect from minoxidil? A typical Minox Beard Journey starts early in the morning. Rogaine can indeed help you grow facial hair. Use only the Rogaine formula that is made for your gender. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. I had an "almost" goatee growing until today, but I didn't care for the way it was coming in. How Does Minoxidil Work. Eventually, Rogaine became available to women in the 2 percent concentration (known as Women’s Rogaine). Order today and collect 4 points for every £1 you spend. Adam Mamelak, MD, an Austin-based dermatologist says, “Minoxidil is most effective during the hair growth phase…which, for the beard, can range between two to seven years. From all the research that has been gathered on success rates, the majority of men will see their hair sprouting from the skin after six months. For most people on a quest for growing a beard, these side effects are undoubtedly worth the reward. The Women’s Rogaine liquid is available with 2 percent minoxidil, while the Women’s foam is available with 5 percent minoxidil. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Nonetheless, this drug is in generally well tolerated. When you use Men's ROGAINE ® Solution every day, you can revive your hair follicles and maintain hair density over time. My beard is extremely thin. There is still more research to be done, but early observations for minoxidil appear promising and men are researching and testing. The fact that Minoxidil is FDA approved for use in scalp shows the great potential of this product. Women should not use minoxidil products that are made specifically for men. Experts Explain. Is using Rogaine for beard growth beneficial? View current promotions and reviews of Rogaine For Beards and get free shipping at $35. East Asian men tend to have less facial hair density and volume than Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian men, for example. It works by stimulating the hair follicles to grow fuller, thicker hair. For years now, men have been using minoxidil (widely known as Rogaine) on their faces to help promote beard growth. While not necessarily unsafe for most men, experts haven’t studied or approved Rogaine for the beard. Kirkland Signature Hair Regrowth Treatment Minoxidil Foam for Men. It works so well, that it’s now become almost synonymous with the actual formula minoxidil. But one of the main drawbacks of using Rogaine is the expense. … You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. To close this gap, such men seek out minoxidil . When Rogaine was initially approved by the FDA, the product was only approved for men. Rogaine, also known as Minoxidil was originally used (in the form of pills taken orally) to treat patients with abnormal high blood pressure. Trusted Source, to have success with Rogaine, follow these steps: Get Rogaine or a generic equivalent with at least a 3 percent minoxidil concentration. Let’s face it, if you are growing a beard, you want a nice, thick look to your beard. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Not that there’s anything wrong with going bald – bald heads and beards are often a match made in heaven – but many men prefer to stave off baldness as long as possible. When Rogaine foam first came on the market, the same applied. Beard growth has become a growing trend in the last decade. Some say it helps while others throw it into the garbage can.

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